Review: Koodi Bath Toys

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

As Koodi ambassadors, we get the fun job of testing out their great range of products. The latest items we were sent to review were their three bath toys; Pour n' Play, Spray n' Play and Sprinkle n' Play. All three bath toys are suitable from 10 months and although they look very simplistic, they do exactly the kind of things that appeal to babies and toddlers. I actually tend to bath all three kids together most of the time and so they always have fun playing together as part of their bath time routine.

Pour n' Play

This is the most handy out of all of the bath toys. I love that it can be used to rinse your child's hair. I have always had a jug or cup in the bathroom for rinsing hair but can now just use the Pour n' Play which also makes it more fun for them and we get less of a fight over who is having their hair washed first! It is quite a simple toy, it literally just holds water which can then be poured out. Kids love this though! The simple white and blue colours mean it doesn't look too busy and they can just have fun pouring water around them.

Spray n' Play

This one is a funny kind of egg shape. When squeezed under water it holds in the water so you can then squirt and spray water upwards. The kids love to use it to spray water at each other! It is really fun and easy to use. Even Elsie eventually managed to get the hang of using it after watching Gracie and Zach a few times and accidentally spraying her own face a few times. Luckily she likes to splash herself and doesn't get upset when it gets her face like some kids do.

Sprinkle n' Play

This one was the favourite out of the three. I think the unusual shape must really appeal to the kids as it was the first one they all wanted a go with. Although the shape is unusual and quirky, it also has the simple colour scheme like the other two, with just a green circle in the centre with the rest being a plain white. The Sprinkle n' Play creates a small shower of water for your child to have fun with. Elsie absolutely loves trying to catch the water as it sprinkles out and Gracie and Zach love holding it over each others and Elsie's heads. The giggles that fill the bathroom are so infectious. Out of all of the bath toys this is definitely our 'must have'

All three are £5.99 each or can be bought as a set of three, containing one of each, for £15.27 on the Koodi website.

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