Review: Fisher Price Charisma Trike

Friday, December 04, 2015

I have always wanted a trike like this but with Gracie and Zach I ended up buying character trikes, which the kids loved but they were not very strong or hard-wearing and were so hard to push and steer! I was so excited when Elsie was offered a Fisher Price Charisma 3 in 1 trike to review. 

The Charisma trike is a unique 3 in 1 tricycle designed for babies from 10 months growing with your child through three different stages (listed below). The Charisma trike manoeuvres like a stroller and has a unique navigator button on the mudguard which allows you to switch from parent touch steering to child ride-control.

Stage 1: At 10 months baby sits safely in the high-backed reclining seat and uses the foot rest.
Stage 2: At 24 months it becomes a training trike - kids learn to pedal.
Stage 3: At 30 months, remove parent handle, close the safety clutch and it becomes an independent trike that kids pedal by themselves.

The Fisher-Price trike was easy to build up. The only difficulty I had was attaching the basket which I then realised I simply hadn't clipped it on properly before trying to screw it on. Once I realised I felt very silly! 

Elsie was so excited when she saw the trike built up ready for her and instantly tried to climb in. We have used it a few times on the school run when it hasn't been raining or too windy. The navigation button on the front is so clever. You barely need to touch it to instantly switch between parent and child steering settings. The little bag on the handle is perfect for storing my phone and keys or any of Elsie's things, along with the basket at the bottom although that tends to hold whatever toys Elsie has hidden in there. The seat looks very comfortable and has padding for underneath their bum and around the bar in front. 

The Fisher Price Charisma trike has everything you could want in a trike and would make the perfect gift this Christmas. It will grow with your child and help them explore.  It has a RRP of £74.99 and is available from most toy retailers.

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