Review: Cruzee Balance Bike

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

This is one of the most exciting reviews I have done in a while. Mainly as I knew that it would be a huge hit with Zach and I love to see him so excited over things. With Christmas approaching, I had been looking at Balance Bikes and just didn't know where to start or which brands were better than others etc. then came to my rescue. They sell lot's of great products including skates, scooters, bikes and accessories and they just so happen to stock balance bikes. They sent us the Cruzee balance bike in green to review.

The Cruzee is the world's lightest, quality balance. It weighs just 1.9kg making it easy to handle and control. It comes in nine different 'sapphire aluminium' colours- black, gold, silver, red, blue, green, purple, orange and pink. The seat and handlebar are height adjustable making the Cruzee suitable for ages 1- 6 years. The tyres are completely puncture proof making them ideal for a toddler bike.

When Gracie was 3 we bought her a huge bike with stabilisers and she still now rides with difficulty even with stabilisers. It is big and bulky for her delicate frame and it is stored in the back of the Garage as it takes up so much room and doesn't get taken out a lot. Zach has had small bikes since he was 1 and after seeing kids on the school run using balance bikes I thought this is definitely the next step for him. 

As soon as I received and built up the Cruzee balance bike I knew Zach would love it. It is so light to hold and the seat is foam cushioned so is very comfortable for him to sit on. The colour is very vibrant and I love the shade of green. The first time he played with it I filmed him riding on it. As you can see below (I had a horrible cold so please ignore my sniffing and poor video skills!)

He is getting faster on it and I am sure he will soon have the perfect balance skills thanks to his bike. The Cruzee balance bike is available to buy at for £99.99

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