Review: Clangers Squeeze 'n' Whistle Small

Sunday, December 06, 2015

This product really is a nostalgic one for me. I remember watching the Clangers when I was very young myself. If I woke up early enough I could catch it before school. Now it has been remade and is shown on CBeebies and Elsie watches it daily!

We were sent a Clangers Squeeze 'n' Whistle Small to review and I thought it would be perfect for Elsie. Having a big brother and sister, she is less interested in most baby toys and loves to watch their favourite television shows with them and so loves recognisable character toys. 

The Clangers Squeeze 'n' Whistle Small is cuddly and cute. He is made from a lovely knitted effect fabric and has whistling sound effects which are great. They are not too quiet that you can't hear them or so noisy that they scare her. They are 'just right'. Elsie loves him. She loves to give him cuddles and passes him to Gracie or Zach and sits with them while they squeeze his belly for her while she laughs and smiles. She also strangely loves his nose, the shape of it is perfect for her to grip to carry him or attempt to eat him.

The Clangers Squeeze 'n' Whistle toys (There is also a Tiny) have a RRP of £9.99 which I think is great. They are a good size and with the sound effects I think they are a very reasonable price.

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