Tiny Tears 50th Anniversary Doll

Monday, November 02, 2015

This year Tiny Tears celebrates her 50th birthday. Tiny Tears is the UK's most recognisable doll. She was the first fully functional, feeding, crying and wetting doll with closing eyes, moveable arms, legs and head. I briefly remember having a Tiny Tears doll when I was around Gracie's age and loved to push her around in my old classic Silvercross dolls pram. To celebrate the special occasion, a 5oth anniversary  special edition doll has been created. We were lucky enough to be sent the 50th anniversary Tiny Tears doll to review.

On first impression. She is honestly the most beautiful baby doll I have ever seen. Her beautiful curly hair full of tight ringlets in a golden blonde colour, big blue eyes and lovely sparkly party dress make her a really pretty doll to look at. Gracie immediately loved her as Elsie has curly blonde hair and big blue eyes so she recognised that she looked like her baby sister.

We did have a slight problem in that our first doll didn't work as we couldn't get it to take water or wee but they were lovely and replaced the doll and I have to say the replacement has been brilliant so we must have been unlucky receiving a faulty one. The bottle does seem a little big for her which is a shame. It does need a little force to get it into position and we have resorted to using a bib to avoid dripping water on Tiny Tears' pretty dress. It does give Gracie an excuse to make use of all of our dribble bibs though and adds to the reality of caring for a baby.

Apart from that small problem, Gracie has really loved playing with the Tiny Tears doll. She can play with it on her own now and feed her to make her wee or cry. Gracie is so loving that it is really nice watching her play with Tiny Tears, cuddling her when she cries and delicately feeding her with the bottle. The water does pass through Tiny Tears very quickly! Gracie now feeds her whilst she is sitting on her potty (which is included) after a few accidents at first, although I don't mind spilt water when it creates such fun and imaginative play! She loves that Tiny Tears closes her eyes when lying down in the pushchair and opens them when sat back up. She has really enjoyed taking her out for walks and showing her to her friends in the street.

Even with our difficulty in the beginning, I haven't been put off Tiny Tears. She would appeal to all young children. Even Zach has taken a shine to her and he isn't usually a dolly fan. I think even if you don't like mess and hate the idea of a baby that wee's, she is still such a special doll that you could pretend she doesn't do the extra parts and simply let your child play with her like any other doll. She would make the perfect gift for Christmas!

The 5oth anniversary Tiny Tears Golden Princess doll has an RRP of around £29.99 with prices varying in different retailers.  You can find out more about her and find stockists at www.johnadams.co.uk

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