Learning To Read

Monday, November 23, 2015

Since Gracie has started Reception, she has been doing so well at reading and writing. I had previously worried about whether she would fall behind at these things as I didn't know how to help teach her at home. 

Over the October half-term I spent a lot of time coming up with simple sentences i.e. 'The cat in the hat' 'Mummy and Daddy went to the shop' and writing them down in a blank notebook and helping her sound out the words. It was hard work and I didn't realise until recently the concept of 'tricky words' and so that was why she was struggling with words like 'the' 'and' 'into' by the time she came to learning these words at school though she clicked with them straight away.

Up until last week she had been bringing home reading books without words in them. The aim of the books is for the imagination and for the children to look at the pictures and come up with their own stories. It is not that she has no imagination but these books frustrated her and she found the 'stories' in the pictures boring. I wrote in her reading diary that she would like to swap for books with words and also purchased her a few different learn to read books on Amazon. To start with I bought the Julia Donaldson's Phonics Story Collection (Will pop a link below) and some Star Wars Learn to read books. The Star Wars books are quite simple but are also still too hard for Gracie and she needs a lot of help. The Julia Donaldson collection however contains 12 books, 6 level one and 6 level two books. They are also part of the Oxford Reading Tree We started on level one last week and Gracie is doing amazing. She can read all the books easily although she is still needing to sound out the letters for most of the words. I didn't expect this at just 4 years old though.

The best part is, her teacher regularly comments on her reading skills and has now started giving Gracie reading books with words to bring home as she is really enjoying finally being able to read for herself. Seeing her beam with pride makes me so proud of her. We are going to start on the level two books this week and see how she goes with them.

I don't often get the time to write about products I have bought myself but I am so impressed with these books and even if you don't buy these particular books, if you find this post and are worried in the same way I was about not knowing how to teach reading then I would definitely recommend buying some level one reading books or borrow some from your local library and start from there. It is great to support your child's learning from home especially when they are at a stage when they are eager to learn. I guess reading is another one of those things they do when they are ready to and as long as you let them lead it is a lot easier than you expect it to be.

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