Breakfast With Santa at Brewers Fayre

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

On Saturday, Me and the kids were invited to a very special event. This event marked the beginning of our festive activities this year. We were up and out bright and early for a special 'Breakfast With Santa' at The Guild Brewers Fayre pub in Bromsgrove. 

We were taken to our table where there were children's activity sheets and crayons laid out to entertain the children on arrival. We were then allowed to help ourselves to a great continental breakfast selection including toast, crumpets, croissants, cereal, fresh fruit, yoghurt and muffins, it was such a great selection that even with two dairy intolerant children, we had plenty to choose from. The kids really enjoyed the food and it wasn't long before we were called over to meet Santa.

Santa really was lovely. One of the best I have seen yet. He was brilliant with all of the children. He was so good with Gracie that she had absolutely no doubt that he was the real Santa. When he asked her name he soon replied with 'Of course, I remember you from last year. How old are you now?' The way he worded his questions and put thought into his replies was really special and it was lovely seeing how happy Gracie was. She proudly told him she would really like some My Little Pony Equestria Girls and Disney Descendants dolls. Zach really liked him but he gets so shy that he kept hiding behind me and simply told Santa he wants 'Star Wars' for Christmas. He even tried to talk to Elsie (who happened to be terrified of him) and asked Gracie and Zach if their Sister had been good so he could make sure she would be on the right list as she couldn't tell him herself. Of course we don't want them to think she is on the naughty list if she has no presents on the big day!

He took his time to talk to them before we got to have a nice family photograph taken by the team as I was alone with the kids. He then handed Gracie and Zach their presents. I did have to explain to an upset Gracie that Elsie didn't get one because she was too little but she will get lots at Christmas! The present contained a fun Beano book which the kids have really enjoyed reading the last few days.

We then sat back down just in time for our cooked breakfast. It was really nice but the kids stuffed themselves with so much of the continental breakfast that they only managed to pick at it. At least they were definitely full. It isn't very often you have enough food to fill a child when eating out.

After breakfast we were all let loose in the soft play area where the children could explore or have their faces painted by the lovely face painting ladies. I have to say they were amazing. Gracie always has to choose something not in the book and asked for My Little Pony. One of the ladies said that if Gracie waited a moment she would do that for her as she knew her ponies. Gracie requested Rainbow Dash and she was given a choice between a full face paint to look like Rainbow Dash or a picture of Rainbow Dash on her cheek. She chose a picture on her cheek and the lady really took her time and paid attention to detail and Gracie was so happy with the result.

The play area was great and I lost Zach to it for a long time as he was having so much fun! Whilst they were playing Santa came in to see the kids before he left and he spent more time talking to the kids that approached him including Gracie. Gracie is quite quiet and finds it difficult when more confident and louder kids join in when she is doing things and a few times while she was talking and other kids tried to jump in, he put his hand up to them to say 'just a moment' which I thought was really nice as usually she would give up trying when the attention is passed on to another child. This meant she got to say what she wanted ( I have no idea what she was talking about with him as I was playing in the baby area with Elsie and by the time I saw her she had forgotten) but I think it really meant a lot to her to get that time.

Not long after, it was time for Santa to leave and all the children gathered for a group photo with him. It looks like they all enjoyed themselves as much as my kids did! They have talked about it non stop since Saturday.

I want to say a big Thank You! to The Guild Brewers Fayre, Bromsgrove for such a magical experience.

You can join Santa for fun activities, breakfast and a beano gift for each child at your local Brewers Fayre who will be there every weekend in December between 10am- 11.30am. To make sure you don't miss out it is advised that you book ahead with your local restaurant. Prices vary depending on restaurant (Those without soft play areas are cheaper).

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