Koodi Day & Night Light Up Mirror

Friday, October 16, 2015

A few months back we were sent a light up mirror from Koodi. Koodi were my sponsors for this years Britmums Live! conference and amazingly chose me to be their blogger ambassador! They sell a large range of clever products designed to make parent's lives easier. 

The Day & Night Light Up Mirror is designed to help you keep an eye on your baby whilst driving as it is placed on one of the back headrests. It also allows your child to see themselves which can entertain them. Elsie especially likes it if she catches your reflection in the mirror when she is admiring herself. 

One of the key features of the light up mirror of course is it's ability to help you keep an eye on your child both in the daytime and at night. The gentle LED lights turn on automatically when it becomes dark meaning you can still see that they are ok when driving in dark conditions. I do find it awkward adjusting the mirror perfectly and as it isn't me that does the driving I struggle to see Elsie without stretching right around my seat. Andy has ensured me that he can see her really well from the drivers seat when I have jiggled it around to the right place. We also don't drive at night as by the time it gets dark our kids are usually in bed or getting ready for bed. Although with Winter coming I think this feature will be put to good use with the nights getting darker earlier.

I think it is a great car accessory, especially for those who use a car regularly day or night. It would be really good for people who travel or commute regularly with a small child too as it would save any panics that the child is being 'too quiet', we have all been there haven't we?!

The Koodi Day & Night light up mirror is available to buy at http://koo-di.co.uk and costs £23.99

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  1. That looks great! Something my girls would have loved

    1. Haha Gracie was always one for loving her own reflection. Elsie loves it when she can see someone else in the mirror but doesn't seem so bothered about herself. She isn't much of a car fan though!