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Friday, October 02, 2015

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We love to celebrate Halloween, back when I was a child, we would go trick or treating every year in home made costumes usually made out of bin bags or toilet roll! These days, Halloween is all about the parties! We tend to let the kids trick or treat around the block, knocking only on houses all lit up or decorated in some way. This year they are a bit older and taking more interest in the occasion and so we have decided to have a small party with friends and lots of exciting decorations and games. Home Bargains currently have a fantastic range of party supplies and dressing up costumes for all the family. They sent us a selection to try out for ourselves.

They have a huge range of costumes. Gracie has the Devil Witch costume (£5.99) which is available in ages 3-8 years. Zach has the pumpkin costume (£5.99) which is available in ages 3-6 years. Both costumes come with added accessories, devil witch comes with pitch fork and devil horns headband and the pumpkin costume comes with a cute hat and mask. Both costumes are well made and well worth the money.

This family make up set (£2.49) which includes mini lipsticks, coloured make up paints and cream make up, come in the perfect colours for scary face painting. From ghosts, vampires or even Frankenstein, you can create the perfect freaky faces. I would advise using google or YouTube for some great inspiration. This vampire teeth kit (£0.79) would be perfect for a Dracula dress up. Especially if you want to give the kids a good scare.

This pumpkin bucket (£0.69) is perfect to collect treats or even keep sweets in for any trick or treater's. Ours is filled with Swizzels monster sweets (£1.99) I like to have Sweets as well as chocolates as I have two dairy intolerant children and would hate to think I am giving kids chocolate who can't eat it! 

I love to dress the tables and other services with creepy props. These huge spiders (£3.99) are very scary looking and make a great decoration. They are also great for tricking the kids!

Now this doorbell (£3.99) is hilarious. It hasn't failed to make everyone who presses it jump and Zach is actually too scared to go near it! When you press the doorbell, you just expect a loud noise but the spider that drops to your fingers catches you off guard completely. It also makes loud noises and the eyes flash red. I can't wait to put it on my front door on Halloween!

Last but not least! This 'KEEP OUT' door cover (£0.69) is the first thing party goers or trick or treaters will see and will instantly raise peoples hopes for some fun treats.

All of these items and more are available in Home Bargains stores or online here.

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  1. I love Home Bargains :) They all look great x

    1. We only have a tiny local one that doesn't sell much! Occasionally we travel further to a bigger one but would love for them to open a nice big store locally as they have so many amazing bargains! x