Gracie's School Progress

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Last week we had Gracie's first parent's evening since starting Reception. After doing a whole year of half days in Nursery, adapting to full days was a huge step for her and her friends. Apart from being tired all of the time, she is doing amazing. I have been spending as much one on one time with her as I can, as she is really missing us while she is at school, the one thing she has been asking me to do is help her with her reading. So a few times a week I sit with her and write out a selection of easy sentences with small words that are easy to sound out and she is doing so well with it. 

Well I was quite shocked when the teacher pointed out that Gracie is so good at reading words by sounding out the letters, despite the fact they haven't even started learning to read at school yet! I thought she was learning at school and practising at home to help as she was struggling. She is obviously going to be a book worm like me! Her teacher also said that Gracie is very independent and likes to do everything herself but gets emotional if she struggles. We have noticed she gets very emotional at silly things now and worries about so many things that I wish she wouldn't. She hates to see anyone sad and is kind and helpful. She seems to take her big sister role so seriously that she tries to look after everyone and make sure everyone is happy at school just like she does with Zach and Elsie. After just a few weeks, her teachers know all about Zach and Elsie and Gracie insists on having to go and look for Zach when the preschool class are playing outside so she can talk to him over the little fence that separates their play area. 

I am so pleased that I have no worries over her yet this year. Last year I was worried about her not having any close friends but now she has so many! She tells me every day who she has played with and she has children shouting 'bye' to her when we leave every day. She is finally mixing so well with other children and it is lovely to see her so happy with all of her friends. It was also nice to know the teacher has no worries about her either and is looking forward to seeing her come out of her shell a bit as she can still be quite quiet in class. 

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  1. Aww so pleased she is doing well and what a cutie x

    1. Thank you. She is so clever, she is starting to get a little homesick now though bless her x