Choosing A Care Home

Friday, October 30, 2015

I think we all have an elderly relative either in a care home or living alone. It can be worrying when someone you care for can no longer take complete care of themselves. Many have lived in their family home for years and so comes the dilemma of what to do when they can no longer live alone. Financially it is a huge step but there are many options for you to consider when making a decision to paying for care.

There are many factors which decide on how much a care home costs, usually relating to where you live and the level of care needed. A person who needs round-the-clock care would pay significantly more than a person who is mostly independent so an assessment is needed to determine level of care. According to laws, meals, laundry and accommodation have to be included in the cost whereas entertainment such as days out or hairdressers/appointments may be charged as extras.

It is completely possible to be given financial help towards the cost of care from local authorities or the NHS so always look into ways you can help your loved ones financially as you may be surprised at the help available. Your local authority can carry out a financial assessment (free of charge!).

Some people find it necessary to sell their home to fund care but this ebook has lots of great advice to help if you would prefer this to be a last resort option. It tells you exactly how pensions and benefits may affect costs and also which benefits will be affected by moving into a care home.

For many of us, putting a loved one in a care home is something we never want to think of doing but by doing plenty of research into financial help and choosing a care home you can help them get the care they need and in some cases give them a less lonely way of life.

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