Blade & Rose Unicorn Leggings

Monday, October 19, 2015

Following my post on the Halloween blade and rose leggings, Elsie was also sent some gorgeous Unicorn leggings from the AW15 collection. Not only do I love baby leggings but I also love Unicorns so I just couldn't resist when I saw these. Baby leggings are perfect for Elsie at the moment. She is at that awkward stage where she is climbing up everything but still insists on crawling to get around. This means clothing either restricts her movements or fall off with her constant wriggling. A decent pair of leggings cover her legs, keep her warm and protect her knees whilst she is racing around. In fact I even used to buy leggings in boy prints for Zach when he was Elsie's age.

I was shopping in H&M shortly after receiving the leggings and spotted a beautiful jumper (£6.99) and had to buy it. It was only when I got home that I realised what a great match the colours are with the jumper and leggings. They make a perfectly cute warm and comfy outfit. I love the bright colours and the snug fit and the Unicorn picture looks so cute on her little bum!

You can view the Blade & Rose collection at This pair costs £10 and they are totally worth every penny. They also sell other beautiful items such as hats, bibs, socks and tights so definitely worth visiting the website for a browse!

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