Autumn Walk In The Park

Sunday, October 18, 2015

This weekend Andy actually got a Saturday off and the only plans we already had were for a birthday party Gracie was invited to in the evening. After what has been a very hard week, for Me and the kids, I felt like we needed to get out and do something fun and we always enjoy a trip to the park. 

I used to love collecting conkers as a child and I remember going to the exact same park to collect them with my Dad and my Auntie on different occasions. The park has so many Horse Chestnut trees and so there are so many conkers. I had never taken the kids before but I figured they would enjoy it this year and we can do crafts with whatever we find. They absolutely loved foraging through the crisp leaves on the floor searching for conkers in all different sizes.

When we had found more than enough we went for a nice long walk through the park. Gracie and Zach took it in turns to sit on Daddy's shoulders whilst Elsie slept the entire time in her pushchair. With Elsie asleep it did give us chance to all play together and explore which was so nice. 

The kids climbed across logs and broken trees. They searched for sticks that looked like different things and found a pirate sword and a bow and arrow so were playing with such imagination.

And Gracie found an old tree stump that looked just like a thrown and so declared herself Queen Gracie.

I love Autumn trips to the park. I love the beautiful colours, I love the lack of people and I love being able to explore and collect things for Autumn crafts. Most of all I just love to do so many fun things with the kids. Our next plan is to go Pumpkin picking at a local farm which we are hoping to do one day after school this week (and is something I have never done before myself)!

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  1. I love walks like this! Looks like a great place to visit for a walk! Lovely photos x