Autumn Style Wishlist*

Friday, October 02, 2015

I love every thing about Autumn clothing, it is definitely my favourite season. Cute dresses with woolly tights, chunky knit cardigans and boots! I love this embroidered floral print dress from Oasis, £45. The colours, fit and length are perfect for my body shape. It would look great with or without tights depending on whether it is a chilly day or if this autumn sunshine sticks around. These Dune Quentin leather brogue Chelsea boots, £85 look perfect for a bit of added style. They are quite a masculine shoe but I think teamed with the flowers and decorative fringing they will give the outfit a classic twist. They are not particularly cheap but a decent pair of boots will last you a good few years and are definitely an investment! Now this fringed suede bag from Oasis, £69.99, would look great slung over your shoulder whilst wearing this dress. To be honest, I am not sure quite what I like about it but it just jumped out at me and I knew it would be the perfect addition to the outfit.

I would actually wear this outfit in the daytime and I don't think I would feel restricted to where I could wear it. I would be just as happy wearing it on the school run as I would going to an event of some kind. 

*Collaborative post

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  1. I am in love with that outfit! Especially the boots x

    1. That's good to know! I sometimes worry I am going to go for complete mumsy style clothing. Slowly trying to regain some sense of fashion!