The First Day At School

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Thursday saw both Gracie and Zach start a new chapter of their lives. It was a big deal for all of us. Gracie had her first day in Reception, her first ever full day of school and Zach started pre-school, his first ever time away from me and being looked after by someone other than family. 

I am so used to being surrounded by my children that the thought of not having them around as much makes me feel really sad. I know that they will have an amazing time and make lots of friends and learn valuable lessons but in my mind they are still my babies and they always will be. 

Gracie was very excited to see her friends again after a long summer and was excited at the prospect of eating her lunch at school. I on the other hand was worried she would be eating alone as she wanted packed lunch and had images of Gracie sat alone in a classroom while all of her friends were in the dining room. Of course I am just a paranoid Mummy and all was fine and she got to spend lunch time with some friends from Nursery who had been placed in the other class which she thought was amazing! She told us she had so much fun and loves her new teachers and her old teachers so much. In fact she had such a nice day that she spent most of Thursday evening being overly emotional from the tiredness, crying and telling me she loves me. Friday was much better, she came home full of energy and wanting to play out before dinner. I am so glad it hasn't taken her long to get used to the long days.

Zach was the one I worried about the most. As much as I will miss Gracie with her being gone so long, I knew she would be fine with all of her friends. Zach didn't know anyone and well he is my little sidekick. Wherever I go he is there. He wants to help me do everything! I knew leaving him wouldn't be easy. He was pleased to be going to school, he just wanted me to go too. His potty training has been going great and he suddenly improved massively this week and so I decided to send him in pull up pants instead of nappies rather than risk taking a step back. I took him into his class room, spoke to his key worker to ask them to remind him to go to the toilet and took him myself to show him where they are. I then took him to the paint table. He immediately knew I was going to leave so suddenly wouldn't do anything but cuddle me. He dragged me over to the toys where I managed to occupy him but then just as I was about to sneak out, one of the teachers needed me to sign some forms and he was back at my feet. I then did the worst thing ever. I lied to him. Gracie was waiting to go into her class still and was now late although we were just next door. I had to tell him I was taking Gracie and would be back in a minute and left him playing with a Mr Potato Head. Thankfully, Gracie's teacher was still at the door despite us being 10 minutes late and understood why we were late! 

Now we had to race to an appointment at the hospital with Elsie, keeping me busy for a while, but the guilt of lying to Zach killed me all morning. I was worried in case he was upset still or that he would never trust me again! I have to say us Mum's can be so dramatic at times. He was only gone 3 hours and when we picked him up, his teacher said he was brilliant all morning, he didn't stop smiling and he used the toilet! Friday was easy! He went straight in gave me a kiss and cuddle then went off to draw some pictures. When I picked him up the teacher said he had been brilliant again, he loves climbing and playing on the bikes and he taught himself how to play with magnetic bricks. He has also been very proud of himself and insists on showing the teachers everything he does.

I am so proud of the two of them and how amazing they are. I am also so thankful they are at the school that they are. I couldn't ask for more supportive teachers to trust with my children and although I will miss them both so much when they are at school, I am so grateful that they are so happy and enjoying every moment with their friends, new and old.

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  1. I can't believe he is big enough for school already?

    They both look adorable in their uniforms.