Planning My Dream Kitchen

Friday, September 04, 2015

At the moment I am planning a huge renovation project on my Kitchen. Now that Andy has started a new job we have a small amount of his redundancy money left which will fingers crossed buy us a new kitchen. Our kitchen at the moment is awful, the previous owners didn't look after it and we have had to put up with it while we saved up for a new one. I have always dreamt of having a cute vintage/shabby chic style kitchen and have my heart set on creating my perfect kitchen even if I am on a small budget. 

I want a nice old fashioned RangeMaster oven (don't think I will hold my breath on that one!)but a nice cream coloured one would be gorgeous. I also want to paint my plain wooden dining table and chairs with a nice chalk paint for a rustic look. I do worry about making my kitchen child-friendly. With having three under five, they can be quite clumsy and messy so anything from hot ovens to slippy floors worries me so much. 

I love seeing proper tiled floors but they are too risky with the kids. Not long after we bought the house we had a bad flood in the kitchen which meant we had no choice to rip out the laminate flooring. We decided to replace it with some nice vinyl flooring. I chose one that had a grey tile effect and was really happy with the way it looked and how easy it is to keep clean and dry. It is a great cost-effective flooring option. I am really hoping we have enough of it to not need to replace it when we fit our new kitchen in as it would go so well with our decor. It will be so handy for mealtimes too. I have kids who are berry lovers and well, strawberries and raspberries are a nightmare when it comes to staining floors!

I am hoping to get the measuring done over the next week or so and will start blogging the progress over on The Forever House Charm which is my personal blog especially for the renovations and home improvements. So make sure to keep an eye out there and over on Instagram

*Collaborative post

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  1. Great idea for the flooring, I hope your renovation goes really well.

    1. Thank you. I do too, am dreading the work itself but will be so happy when it is done!

  2. I hope everything comes together for you! I am hoping for a new kitchen too before Christmas so I will pop back to keep an eye on your progress!

    1. Ooh lovely. Hope you get exactly what you want! I am really hoping to have ours done by Christmas too!