Packing A Perfect Free From Lunch Box

Monday, September 14, 2015

So with Zach and Elsie both being dairy intolerant, I know too well how much of a struggle it can be to find them nice snacks. It is so much easier with Gracie but I still struggle for inspiration to keep her lunch from being the same boring foods every day. Mixing it up is so important when it comes to encouraging them to eat all their lunch whilst at school. Holland & Barrett, is now one of the UK's largest free from food retailers even catering for those with multiple allergies.

Holland & Barrett sent us a great range of their free from products to try out, this is just a small sample of what they sell to show us the kind of products that can be used for lunch boxes.

Glutafin Fibre Rolls 4 pack £3.45 for 200g

These rolls are great for sandwiches, they are wheat, gluten and lactose free so ideal for anyone who is coeliac. They can be eaten straight out of the packet or can be baked for around 5 minutes to make them warm and crispy. Me, Zach and Elsie tried these straight out the oven with Meridien organic strawberry fruit spread. They are really tasty and full of healthy ingredients. Zach really enjoyed them, I made him two but he was full after one and gave the rest to Elsie who also loved it. They are quite pricey but most gluten free foods are.

Meridian Organic Strawberry Fruit Spread £2.59 for 284g

Sandwich fillings are a difficult one for children with allergies. Meridian organic strawberry fruit spread is suitable for children with multiple allergies. It is free from celery, egg, fish, gluten, crustacean, kiwi, lupin, milk, mollusc, mustard, nut, peanut, sesame seeds, soya and sulphite. It is made using organic strawberries which are gently cooked in organic apple juice concentrate so it is lightly set. It has a very strong taste but is really nice. It would also be great to use a small amount as a dip for fruits or biscuits. 

Mrs Crimble's Original Cheese Bites £0.89 per pack

These award winning cheese bites are a great gluten free lunch box snack. They are baked rather than fried and made from real cheese. A much healthier alternative to most crisps. Obviously these are not suitable for children with a dairy intolerance so I gave these to Gracie to try. She said they were really nice. They are a great size for a lunch box snack and you get a fair amount in the pack unlike most crisps you buy. you could even split a pack in to two servings for small children. 

Nakd Bars £0.99 per bar

Nakd bars are gluten, wheat and dairy free and are a great tasty treat for people with or without allergies. There are 17 different flavours to choose from so there will be a flavour to suit every one. They are made with fruit and nuts without added sugars or hidden extras and would make a perfect treat for a child's lunch box. It wasn't the first time we had tried Nakd bars, they are a regular buy in our house for Zach. He absolutely loves them and when he takes lunches in after Christmas, I will be sure to pop one in every now and then for him.

Redwood Wot no dairy? Raspberry Dessert 125g £0.79

Ambient pea protein yoghurt, raspberry flavoured with visible pieces of raspberries. sweetened with fruit juice, contains no soya, dairy, artificial colouring, preservatives or flavours. Most dairy alternative yoghurt's contain small amounts of calcium but this one still contains 60mg of calcium per 100gm so a great way to encourage calcium in a dairy free child's diet. I gave these to Zach to try. He usually eats soya fromage frais but for many with milk allergies, soya is a big no too. In appearance, this yoghurt looks like any other normal yoghurt and Zach managed to finish a pot and was excited to eat one again the next day so it must have tasted ok! It is a good price too for a dairy free yoghurt!

Clearspring 100% Fruit On the Go 100g £0.89

These organic fruit purées come in convenient squeezy pouches. They are ideal for lunch boxes and are made without added sugar, salt, concentrates, sweeteners, preservatives and no artificial colours or flavourings. If chilled or frozen they taste like delicious sorbets. In my experience, all my kids have loved fruit purées in pouches like this and it is a great way to give them 1 of their 5 a day. This is definitely something I would put in a lunch box for any of my kids. I love that they are a guilt free snack with no nasty hidden ingredients.

This is just some of the huge range of free from products sold at Holland & Barrett both online and in store, No matter what your allergy or intolerance is, they have something for everyone. You can find more information on the free from range or shop now at

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  1. Gosh this hadn't even occurred to me, I was going to say it could be a nightmare but you only buy free from anyway due to their allergies so I guess are used to it?