My Favourite Kind Of Movie Night

Thursday, September 24, 2015

With three children under 5, I can honestly say I don't get out much! That doesn't mean life has to be boring though. There are lots of things I love doing with my little family, one of my favourites is movie night! Quite often on a weekend or school holiday we will have a late night and all pick our favourite films to watch. We usually do it as a family or sometimes me and Gracie will have a girly movie night and some one to one time cuddled up in bed watching a film on my panasonic tv.

We have lot's of favourite films but usually always end up watching a Marvel or Star Wars movie or if it is just me and Gracie I will stick on a musical Disney film. No movie night is complete without some nice comfy blankets to snuggle up in. Of course yummy snacks are also a must have. I have a huge weakness for salted caramel and love Butterkist salted caramel popcorn or Haagen Daaz chocolate salted caramel ice cream! I have to always have a steady supply of jelly babies at home too in case of an impromptu movie afternoon/night with the kids. 

It is also nice sometimes to spend some time alone with Andy watching movies or finding a new TV series boxset to watch on Amazon instant video. Although we are running low on new things to watch now! 

What makes your perfect movie night?

*Collaborative post

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  1. I think my perfect movie night would be a comfy sofa, comedy or family film with blankets, popcorn, chocolate and more chocolate!! oh and cuddles too of course xx

    1. Sounds perfect to me! It is so nice to spend time doing something nice together x