My Dream Bedroom With Yorkshire Linen

Thursday, September 17, 2015

This picture was taken last month. I had almost finished decorating and was yet to build the new wardrobe. I have a few plans yet for this room. I love my wallpaper, bedside tables and lamps. I am shopping around for a nice bureau desk to go in the top right corner of this picture, by the window. The Bedside cot is also sadly gone now and so there is barely a sign of there having been a baby in there. My bedroom is my calm place (well it is now it is less chaotic) and I love to stick on a film and do my writing in peace. I do think my bedding lets me down a bit though.

The room has so much potential now that it is all decorated. I want to make it look really pretty, fresh and photo worthy. I love cushions but what I have right now is a mix and match of non matching colours. Yorkshire Linen asked me to choose some of my favourite products from their website and create a mood board. Items that would take me one step closer to that dream bedroom and give me a better nights sleep. Here is what I chose:

I chose the Vantona Sophia Blue Double Duvet Set from the Duvet Covers section of the website. I think this would bring a more luxurious feel to the room. At £24.99 for the set, it is a brilliant price for the centre-piece of the bedroom. Also it would go great with the blue theme I have going on but the fact it is lighter will brighten up the room.

The Cuddly Natural Throw is another added luxury. I have always wanted a fur throw and it would be great folded on the end of the bed or over the back of my desk chair (once I buy one!). It would be lovely to wrap around me on the cold evenings while I am working in the room. This is my favourite item from the Bedspreads & Throws section on the website, although there were a few others which were close favourites behind it! It costs £19.99 but if it feels s good as it looks in the photo then it will be totally worth it.

I would also choose the Duck Egg Double Fitted Sheet (£5.99) and Duck Egg Pillowcases (£3.99) from the Bed Sheets & Pillowcases section. I really like the clean fresh look of the sheets and pillowcases and think they would go lovely with the duvet set above. 

Now as I said before, I am a big cushion fan. The Strawberry Thief- Tapestry Cushion Cover is beautiful. I love how unique it looks and the mixture of colours would look great in my bedroom. It would really be a statement piece for the room and a fab way to add a small burst of colour. It is £9.99 but looks worth the price. I also really like the Twilight Star Blue Cushion Cover, for so many reasons stars mean a lot to me and the colour would fit nicely again with the duvet set. This one actually comes in two different sizes the smaller is £4.99 and the larger is £7.99. There are so many lovely cushion designs in so many different colours to fit all colour schemes in the Cushion Covers section.

*Yorkshire Linen Contest Entry

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  1. Love your choices. I love the colour blue, makes the room feel warm doesn't it x

  2. I love the colours used chosen, very calming and relaxing

  3. I'd love to know what it looks like after you finish your makeover!