Happy Birthday Zach

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Today my little man turned three! Three is the age that you have to finally give in and accept that they are growing up, Zach sure likes to prove how grown up he is now. With conquering potty training and starting school in the last few weeks, he has really come on so well. Even his speech has massively improved. Wherever we go, everybody loves him and the cheeky smile that is forever plastered on his face. He is the most loving child I have ever known and I just can't believe how quick he is growing up!

He was poorly all this week and we worried he wouldn't be better for today and even had to cancel our plans for a fun weekend away in London to celebrate. I was so happy to see his antibiotics kick in towards the end of the week so he got to go back to school Friday for the one day to see all his new friends and hand out sweets to them. He was so happy to bring home a birthday card from his friends and pop it on the fireplace for all to see. 

We have had a lovely day celebrating. He had lots of presents to open this morning and chose a lovely paw patrol birthday cake to share with the family. 

As much as I am struggling to let my children actually grow up, I am so so proud of how amazing they are and I am looking forward to celebrating every milestone with them.

Happy Birthday Zachy!

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  1. Oh no! Such a shame you had to cancel the original plans. Glad he got better though! Sounds like he had a good day. Happy (late) birthday :) xx

    1. Thank you. He did have a lovely birthday. They don't expect much at 3 do they? So he was so happy to see family, eat cake and play with new toys x