Elsie's Birthday Celebrations

Thursday, September 10, 2015

It has been two weeks today since Elsie turned ONE! We had a weekend full of celebrations and I have just got round to uploading all the photo's. With her birthday being on a Thursday, there weren't many people around and even Daddy had to go to work. So we had present opening before he went to work in the morning and a day of fun and activities for the kids at home. She did have a few visits from family members on the day and Elsie was so tired from the excitement that she had an epic 3 hour nap and an early night!

On Saturday we threw her a little garden party. I had planned this all summer then abandoned the idea when the Summer disappeared weeks before. Apparently luck was on her side though and we had a lovely sunny day and a last minute garden party, as originally planned. We got to finally use the bouncy castle Grandad had bought the kids for Summer, Elsie got to take out her brand new VW Beetle for the other kids to push her around in. She got to wear a pretty party dress and be the centre of attention.

And she had cake!

Not just one cake but two cakes! Of course she needed some kind of cake on her actual birthday so I bought her a cute gift sized cake for us all to share on her birthday evening. Then she had the most special rainbow cake for a special rainbow baby! It also happened to be My Little Pony which is hers and Gracie's favourite television show and matched the herd of ponies she received as birthday gifts from Gracie and Zach. The cake was dairy free and totally delicious!

So there we go, my baby's first birthday! 

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  1. Oh how adorable. Happy 1st Birthday. The last cake is amazing! Looks like she had a lovely birthday xxx

  2. Love the cake my daughter loves my little ponies.

  3. OMG she is too cute, I love that adorable smile. Her cake was beautiful.

  4. Sounds like the perfect first birthday. So glad the sun came out for you x

  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ELSIE - love the cake!!

  6. Bless! She is adorable. Hope she had a fabulous birthday x