A Look Around The Cosy Club Coventry

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

On Friday,  I got to have a sneak peek at The Cosy Club's latest venue, in my home city! For so long Coventry has been desperate for some new and exciting eateries, so I was so excited to go along and check it out. The Cosy Club describes itself as ' Quirky, eccentric and playful' and it is definitely all three! The interiors are a mix match of era's and tastes which shouldn't work but they really do. You soon feel at home after walking through the doors.

My first stop was the bar where I got to choose from a huge selection of drinks. The Cocktails all sounded nice and I settled on a 'Sparkling Duchess'. The poor staff were thrown in the deep end with so many people on their first night so it did take a while for the cocktails to be ready but the staff were polite and you could see they were concentrating on making each one perfect.

We were then seated in the dining area ready to be served a selection of Tapas. The lady serving us was lovely and friendly and bought us over our Tapas, explaining what each dish was. I have to say my favourite was the Chorizo braised in cider, it was delicious! I was a little disappointed you have to order cocktails at the bar as when our next lot of food arrived I dashed off quickly for a drink and ended up queueing for 40 minutes waiting for a drink so my food was quite cold by the time I came back! I am hoping this was just a first night issue.

After we finished our food tasting, we went back to the bar for drinks. The Strawberry Cosmopolitan was amazing, really refreshing. The Lemon Drizzle Cake was way to bitter and strong for my liking. I was even more pleased when my friend bought me a Pimms and it was perfect. I am so fussy with my Pimms but it was so well made and included the obligatory strawberries, cucumber, mint and orange (A Pimms is nothing without these!). Of course I had to try all these drinks in the name of research and being a good blogger.

I can't wait to go back to The Cosy Club once they are settled to try out the full menu and see if the food and atmosphere is just as good as opening night. In fact I am tempted to take Gracie for a girly brunch in the school holidays!

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  1. Looks and sounds great!!! I miss living in the city I come from, I live in a small village now - since 4 years. it's too quiet for me haha xx

    1. Aww I would love to live in a nice quiet village though! Our city had gone downhill for a long time but is finally being turned into a lovely place to live in