ThinkTank Birmingham Science Museum

Monday, August 10, 2015

As I mentioned in my Becoming an Allergenius blog post , we were given entry to ThinkTank after the event to explore for ourselves. Although I live close to Birmingham I have never actually visited ThinkTank and had assumed it was more suitable for older children. I was amazed at the sheer size of the museum and the variety of things there were to see and do. 

There are four floors in total and you enter the museum on Floor 2. The first thing we came to was an example of how diggers work, where the children can control the leavers and pick up balls and soft bricks with the digger and release them again. My kids love diggers and tractors so they thought this was really fun! Next to this was an area that showed the children what happens with recyclable products such as plastic and even how fruit/veg etc are used to make compost. They were able to have a go at some machines themselves so it really made it a fun way for them to learn these things.

Next we visited the wildlife gallery which had skeletons, fossils dating back hundreds of millions of years and even some stuffed animals (which really freaked me out I am not a fan of stuffed animals). The kids highlight here was this Triceratops Skull! 

The next area we visited was all about how our bodies work and included a great exercise video for the kids to learn how to warm up and exercise. They all had a good go at this a few times, they kept returning for until we moved on. There were lots of interactive games in this area including one which Gracie enjoyed playing where she had to do food shopping choosing balanced foods like fruit/veg/carbs etc. There was even a wall that explained to the children all about how poo is made. A little gross but well kids love anything like that!

Next we went to the part they had been asking and asking to get to since we walked in, it was a huge play area which was great for role play and to encourage the children to use their imagination. They got to pretend to be ambulance drivers, midwives, nurses, dentists, chefs and Gracie even had a short stint as a bumble bee making honey! The museum had whole surgeries, a big wooden ambulance, a cafe, market stall, phone box, petrol station and more. To be honest the kids could have played in there all day if we let them. We decided to pull them away after they hit the water area and Zach was soaked through as he didn't put on an apron.

We then headed up to the planetarium which was really cool. I would have loved to have seen the stars and constellations show but the timings didn't suit us. We had just missed one and we needed to leave before the next one which was a shame. We will have to go back for that another time!

Then we headed out to the Science Garden. Being the school holidays it was very busy, especially outside. The kids enjoyed the water area and wanted to have a go on a few of the activity areas. I was quite surprised to see orderly queues for each area and the kids waited so nicely.

The kids were all getting tired by this point so we headed inside to do some crafts before going home. The adults and the children all had a fun packed day,

You can find out more about ThinkTank Birmingham at

We were given free entry to ThinkTank after an event but weren't asked to write about our experience. I just wanted to share a great UK day out.

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