Becoming An Allergenius #aocleans

Friday, August 07, 2015

On Wednesday, we attended an event at ThinkTank Birmingham with where the kids were each crowned as an 'Allergenius'.We are quite aware of allergies in our house when it comes to food with 2/3 of our children having dairy allergies. What we weren't so aware of was allergens in the home, the most popular being dust allergies. I have always been badly effected by dust and so like to keep my house as dust free as possible but it isn't something the kids knew about until now. Of course the event was lots of fun and a light hearted way to educate the children whilst we learnt about the way Hotpoint are trying to tackle these allergies with their devices.

Our first activity of the morning was making paper flowers. This was very fun and all the adults enjoyed it just as much as the kids I think! We were shown exactly how to make them and given lots of different colours to choose to make our own and crafty bits to decorate them. Gracie and Zach loved making them and proudly showing them off to everyone.

The next activity had the kids searching for allergens on the ao sofa, with laminated allergen animated pictures hidden inside and underneath the sofa and under a rug to find what types of allergens can be found in the home, Each one had a little information about the allergen on the back which they discussed with the ao team.

Next they got to colour in pictures of the allergens as part of a competition. Each child got to colour in a picture and fill in their details on the back to be entered into a prize draw (we don't know who the lucky winners were yet). Even Elsie got in with the action here! It was no Da Vinci piece but she had a little scribble before trying to eat a crayon. She loved feeling involved and was happy to be given a bit of freedom to crawl around the room too. Gracie and Zach were both proud of their colouring pictures and they quite like the allergens apparently!

The last activity of the morning was for the kids to play games whilst us bloggers had a chat with a lady from Hotpoint about their allergy busting technology in their latest products, including their washing machines and dryers and vacuum cleaners (I actually didn't know Hotpoint manufactured Vacuum cleaners too!). I am not completely sure how the technology works but in all their new washing machines they actually have a specific wash especially to give a deep clean to reduce allergens and the best part is you don't have to buy the most expensive in the range to benefit from this as even in the lower priced machines this wash option is available. Brilliant for those with bad allergies.

As we were talking I actually missed the kids last activity but all I could hear was excited squeals and could see them running around dancing and they clearly had lots of fun! The kids all received a little goody bag containing certificates saying 'Congratulations! You are now an Allergenius' which they thought was pretty cool.

We then had a lovely lunch before being given access to the ThinkTank museum for the rest of the day where we had a fabulous day. We had never been before so saw lot's of exciting things. I will hopefully do a little write up post about our day at ThinkTank very soon.

Thanks, for a lovely day!

We were given entry to the museum and the Allergenius event in return for this post. All opinions are my own.

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