School Moving Up Day

Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Today has been a busy day and it has given me a slight insight into how my life will be come September. First thing this morning, I got Gracie ready and just me and her set off to my friends house as her little girl will be in Gracie's Reception class this September. The girls were so excited to find out they would be in the same class as one did mornings in Nursery and the other did afternoons. The girls walked into their new classroom holding hands and barely even noticed us leave them in this completely new setting!

They were only there a few hours, before we went back to pick them up, but they had spent the whole time playing and drawing together and can't wait to start Reception now in September. I am so glad that Gracie loves her school and isn't worried about the move at all. I am also so glad that she has a lovely friend to share it with.

Now it was a very big day for Zach. I won't lie and say it wasn't emotional for me too. Zach is my little best friend. We spend all of our time together and he loves to help me with everything. He is a Mummy's boy and is such a happy smiley little boy. He is very very shy though. He will smile at anyone but usually from hiding between my legs or peeking over my shoulder. I love all my children equally but I know that out of them all Zach is the one that NEEDS me most. The girls are so independent, even little Elsie and they are so easily adaptable to meeting new people and going new places but Zach struggles so much and so I have been worrying about him going to Pre-school in September. 

Anyway, again I decided a one on one walk to school was best and left the girls with Andy while we took a stroll to school just the two of us. I packed him a little backpack and he took one of his favourite bears (Which I obviously carried the whole time, I will never learn). At first he was really nervous of everyone both children and adults. I met some lovely parents whilst there and it was nice that we were all as nervous as each other. We got to meet Zach's key worker, who took a big interest in everything about Zach and asked lots of questions about his allergies and his likes and dislikes. I know he will be in safe hands. At first Zach wouldn't stray far from me and wouldn't touch anything without me going with him. As time went on he started venturing slightly further to fetch things or investigate. I even sneaked off for a few minutes to talk to a teacher and came back to find him playing play doh with an older girl who was helping out which was a huge surprise to me! He tried out everything in the room from painting, stickers and playdoh to sand, water and climbing outside. We were the last to leave as he kept saying 'Not Yet' whenever I said it was time to leave.

I am so glad I went along with him as I now feel like a weight has lifted and I know that he is going to be just fine! Fingers crossed the leaving him part won't be too heartbreaking come September!

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  1. aaaa they grow up so fast don't they. glad they both had a fab time, really puts you at ease as a parent doesn't it x