Review Part 2 iCandy Strawberry 2

Wednesday, July 01, 2015

A few months ago I wrote a review on the iCandy Strawberry 2 (read here) and talked all about how we had got on with it in carrycot mode. I loved it so much that I was genuinely sad to make the move from carrycot to seat unit a few weeks later. I have now been using the seat unit for around 3 to 4 months now with Elsie and wanted to share how we have got on with the pushchair with the seat unit and whether we still feel the iCandy love as much as we did back in March.

Converting the iCandy Strawberry 2 from carrycot mode to seat unit was really easy. It did involve taking apart the carrycot to take the seat unit frame out to attach the seat textiles but it took less than 10 minutes to completely switch over. The main seat unit can be used in both forward facing and parent facing mode. I always use it parent facing as I love being able to look at Elsie and interact with her whilst she is in the pushchair and she seems to love it too. I also like how it gives more protection from the wind that way. 

I have to say whilst on holiday we found it quite easy pulling the pushchair along backwards on the sand. In fact it was much easier than any other pushchair I have ever tried this with. I very almost left the iCandy Strawberry 2 at home too as our boot wouldn't fit everything in along with a pushchair but thankfully we finally got a new car just weeks before our holiday and with a much bigger boot (YAY) so I didn't have to get a cheap last minute stroller to struggle with.

Just like in carrycot mode, the raincover gives perfect coverage and looks stylish as well as being practical. Elsie loves to sleep in the Strawberry2 and with the wind blowing sand everywhere by the beach we found it so handy popping the raincover on to protect her from the blowing sand and rain showers (typical UK holiday). It is an excellent raincover and folds down nice and small to be stored in the spacious basket. I would advise you to be careful of the velcro, I didn't fold the raincover last time I used it so threw it under and when I folded the pushchair the velcro caught the basket and has frayed the netting a little which makes me really sad! I like my pushchair to look clean and well, perfect ( I have been known to hoover it regularly).

The basket is also easy to access again in this mode and is very deceiving in size. I have never had any trouble with fitting in whatever I need to take out with us for a family day out. I genuinely love the shape of the basket and feel it gives the Strawberry it's own unique style.

I love how comfortable the seat looks for Elsie, She is always very happy in the pushchair and as you can see she still has plenty of room to grow. I can honestly see the Strawberry2 lasting her all the way through her pushchair years. I actually get regular comments about how happy she looks in there and people asking all sorts of questions about the pushchair itself. Even more so than the Stokke Xplory we have which to me is the unusual looking one! I definitely think the iCandy looks like the long lasting, stylish and comfortable option which is obviously what parents look for when choosing a pushchair.

The pushchair itself is so easy to clean. Especially important when you have a child who likes to eat snacks on the go. There was a time when I said 'Well my kids will never eat in their pushchair' well they do. If they are hungry they eat wherever we are and that is quite often while we are out and about. I find the Strawberry cleans up really nicely hand washed with soapy water and to be honest most marks can be removed straight away with a wet wipe!

Once again some of the aspects of the iCandy Strawberry 2 are difficult to explain, especially how to convert from carrycot mode to seat unit and vice versa. It is much easier to show an example using a video. So do watch the video below as it is great at showing how quick and easy it is to switch over.

Still after six months of using the iCandy Strawberry 2 I can't find any negatives or anything I would particularly change about it. Oh except I would perhaps prefer leather handlebar covers rather than the foam ones which isn't a big issue and doesn't affect my feelings on the pushchair. I genuinely wish I had tried an iCandy years ago when either Gracie or Zach were born. I feel I have missed out completely there! I think the price for such an amazing quality product is unrivalled and now recommend iCandy products to all expecting parents when asked for pushchair advice. 

The iCandy Strawberry 2 bundle costs £550 and includes 

  • Flavour pack
  • Pushchair
  • Carrycot fabrics
  • Car seat adapters
There are six gorgeous colours to choose from. We have Lush (Red) but there is also Pacific (Blue), Prism (Purple), Anthracite (Black), Dune (which I believe is a sandy colour) and Smoothie (Pink). If you can't possibly choose one colour, you can purchase the flavouracks separately to switch or mix and match colours.

For the first month or so of using the iCandy Strawberry 2 with the seat unit, we used the luxury fleece foot muff every day. It is by far the best quality foot muff I have ever used. It is fleece lined on the inside and the front can be zipped on an off (We actually found this useful when out and about if Elsie wanted to get out and join us sitting down at the park etc. as I could unzip and let her sit on that rather than popping her on the dirty floor). The foot muff is nice and comfortable and as it is attached like a liner it doesn't slip down when in use.

The iCandy Strawberry 2 can be bought directly from the iCandy Store or you can find your local iCandy stockist here.

You can also keep an eye out for updates on the latest products or even share your photos with iCandy (They are a lovely company and love to see their young fans) on their social media pages and by using the hashtag #icandymoments. 

We were sent the item featured free of charge for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own.

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  1. Aaaa love the photos, Elsie looks like she loves the pushchair as much as you!! I adore iCandy, I loved my Cherry and am yet to find fault with the Raspberry x

  2. Thanks for your review on this, I have this pushchair and really like it too. Just wondering when you moved your daughter from carrycot to the chair feature? My son is currently 8 weeks old and very long so I don't think we will be in the carrycot for much longer but the chair says to use from 6 months plus!! Thanks for your help!

    1. Hi Claire, Elsie stayed in her carrycot after six months (although I thought she would grow out of it quicker)although she was long in it she was very comfortable. I would say I would have happily used the seat unit for her before 6 months though as it does lie back quite far. If you have any more questions feel free to pop me an email and I would be happy to help! x

  3. Hi I have just started using the footmuff for my strawberry 2 and can't seem to figure out how it all attaches. It has a zip bit running along the top but I can't figure out what it zips onto? Do u know how it attaches? Becca x