Elsie At 11 Months

Monday, July 27, 2015

Wow the last update before she is officially a 1 year old. It makes me sad to think how quick it has all gone. This month Elsie has come on a lot with her crawling, she can get around so quickly and has now even started attempting to climb. She has managed to confuse herself too many times climbing up the hoover and accidentally turning it on! Her shocked face is quite amusing though.

She has also finally cut her first two teeth this month! It was a long time coming but they are finally out and she is certainly loving how easy it makes eating now and is enjoying chewing through tougher foods. She even got to taste chocolate cake for the first time last week, something that is a big deal for a dairy intolerant baby. 

Also this month Elsie has started taking an interest in toys. We have finally been able to pop a bunch of toys down on the floor each day for her that will keep her amused and tire her out rather than have to fight Gracie and Zach's unsuitable toys or crayons out of her hands/mouth.

Next month we will be going on our first ever camping holiday and will be preparing for Elsie's first birthday celebrations!

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  1. Such cute photos :) Enjoy your first camping holidays! xx

    1. Thank you! She is definitely a blogger baby, not camera shy at all!