Disney Palace Pets Minis

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

A while ago we reviewed the Disney Palace Pets walking and wriggling pet. Gracie decided she really likes the palace pets after that and so when we were offered the Palace Pets Minis I knew they would go down well. Gracie loves mini figures anyway and has shelves in her room for her huge my little pony collection that she plays with all the time and keeps on her shelves so they are seen at all times.

Disney Palace Pets are the adorable animal friends of the famous disney princesses, each pet incorporates the spirit and personality of their princess friend as well as their favourite colours. For some it is quite easy to guess which princess they belong to. The Palace Pet Minis come in packs of two and there are six packs to collect. Each pack retails at £4.99 which is good for a set of two figures.

Gracie received two packs one containing Belle's Petit (far left) and Aurora's Beauty (far right) and the other containing Snow White's Berry (middle left) and Rapunzel's Meadow (middle right). Gracie's favourites in the sets were Petit and Meadow. The pets are actually well made and very solid, they don't look easily breakable. They are perfect for Gracie's age group so probably 4+ and are a very handy size for playing with and being able to take out and about. I genuinely think that palace pet minis are perfect for Gracie and something we would happily buy for her again.

 The Disney Palace Pet minis are available to buy at www.character-online.com for £4.99 for a set of two figures.

We were sent the palace pet minis free of charge for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own.

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  1. My eldest has a few of these! She loves them. She will be getting more for Christmas!

    1. They are really cute! They are on Gracie's list already!