Carbon Monoxide Safety Tips For Summer

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

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We regularly hear about the risks associated with Carbon Monoxide but are we aware of how high the risks are whilst on holiday? We are going camping for the first time ever next month but every year we go on holidays to camp sites and sleep in caravans and honestly hadn't ever given a second thought to the risks of Carbon Monoxide poisoning whilst on holiday. New research reveals that millions of families are unknowingly taking risks with their lives, exposing themselves to carbon monoxide gas leaking from gas cookers, BBQs and heaters used inside their tent or caravan.

The survey of 2,000 holidaymakers by CORGI HomePlan revealed a worrying lack of understanding about the risk that campers and caravaners are taking, using appliances that emit the deadly fumes in confined areas. 45% of people cook in their tent or awning, one in five have used a fuel burning appliance to heat their tent and a staggering 17% of people have brought a charcoal or gas BBQ inside the tent.

Carbon monoxide is a deadly gas created when fuel doesn’t burn properly. Undetectable by smell, sight or taste it can quickly spread in a confined area - yet the CORGI HomePlan research showed more than a quarter of people (28 per cent) surveyed believe that you can smell it, while almost one in 10 believe you can taste it. Almost one in two (43 per cent) do not know how the gas is created.

CORGI HomePlan warns that people are not applying the same levels of checks to their camping appliances as they do in their home - yet the effects of a carbon monoxide leak in a smaller, confined space makes them even more deadly.
It is quite scary really that you can go away for a nice break and unknowingly endanger your family in a way that could prove fatal. It is something you would never forgive yourself for and is so easily avoided. Corgi HomePlan are urging campers to make a carbon monoxide monitor an essential piece of kit along with fire extinguisher, emergency lighting and first aid kit. Barbecues and gas stoves are the biggest culprits for fatalities and injuries relating to carbon monoxide, NEVER bring one inside your tent or caravan after use! 

You can find a list of tips on carbon monoxide safety on holiday here. Please do think carefully when using gas appliances on your holidays this summer! We have read all the tips and will be taking an alarm away with us next month.

We were gifted our own carbon monoxide alarm in return for writing this post. 

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