Weigh-in Week 9

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

So Friday saw the end of my two week Slimfast challenge. After two weeks I managed to lose an amazing 6lbs! Not only that but I felt so much better in myself and I am beginning to notice all my clothes are getting baggier which is definitely a good thing! So how did it work? 

Each day for 14 days I started my day with a Slimfast shake, either ready made or using a tin of powdered milk. I really enjoyed the shakes, with strawberry and banana flavours being my favourites. For lunch each day I had a meal bar, there are three different flavours, chocolate crunch, chocolate peanut and summer berry. I really enjoyed all three flavours and it was nice to be able to switch each day depending on what mood I was in. For dinner each evening I found it really easy to stick to 600 calories. I usually had some kind of fresh meat with either mixed salad or vegetables and sometimes a handful of potatoes/chips. I was also allowed three snacks a day, some days I had one mid afternoon and two in the evening and others I managed to stick to just the two in the evening.

Some days I found easier than others, there were times when my will power was seriously tested. I really enjoyed the Slimfast challenge and although I don't think I could cope with it long term, I will definitely do it again every now and then when I need to lose a few extra lbs or if I have an occasion coming up. 

As for this past week, since the end of the challenge, I have been bad really! I had an engagement party Saturday and my first child free night out in years. I drank a few too many glasses of wine and ate way too much Sunday to make me feel human again. 

After all that, I have weighed in this morning and I have somehow maintained! I was expecting to have gained 1 or 2, especially after having a sneaky look at the scales yesterday to see the damage caused but being good yesterday obviously helped!

Weight Lost- 0 lb
Total Loss- 15 lb

2 Stone 8 lbs to go... 

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