Weigh In Week 11

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

This week has been an eye opener for me. I was right last week it was almost my time of the month which is why I was bloated and put on weight despite eating so well. Being a female really does suck sometimes! Anyway, for the past 3/4 weeks I have yo-yo'd gaining and losing the same 3lb and it has been driving me crazy. Enough is enough. 

I have been too embarrassed to talk about how much I actually weigh choosing to only talk loss/gain and not reveal my actual weight. In reality I know that weight doesn't matter, it is how you feel in yourself and I think I need to remember this more often. The problem is I am not happy with the way I look and the way I feel and so I need to be honest with myself and get on with it. So from today I am starting afresh with my attitude to my weight loss. I have come to the realisation that talking about exercise also isn't good enough. 

So this morning I did my usual weekly weigh in and was pleased to see I had lost 3lbs. This takes me back to the lowest I have been since starting my healthy living earlier this year. I am currently at 12 stone and 8lbs and after weighing myself this morning, I had a small bowl of porridge and started day 1 of the 30 day shred before an afternoon of walking and running around the park with the kids. 

I am ready to start working out regularly and determined to smash past 12 stone 8lb and carry on towards my goal of 10 stone.

Weight Lost: 3lbs
Total loss: 15lbs

Current Weight: 12 Stone 8lbs

2 Stone 8lbs to go!

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