Weigh In Week 10

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Last week I decided to go back to the 5:2 diet. I figured it is enjoyable for me, I see results and feel better about myself without the restrictions of your average low calorie diet. I have invested in a Breville Blend Active in the hopes of making myself some low calorie green juices and smoothies to have healthier options on my fast days and making the most of my calorie allowance.

 I have struggled a bit more on my fast days this week but I think I had gotten so used to eating large amounts of food in the days after I finished my Slimfast diet (the dreaded indulgence after being strict for so long) . It is also almost my time of the month so my hormones are kicking in and begging for chocolate which is not an easy time. In fact the past two days I feel bloated and rubbish so I am quite certain that is why this week I have managed to gain 1lb! 

I am actually really disappointed this week. It is always disappointing when you try hard and don't lose, let alone gain weight. I definitely feel it is probably more I am bloated than anything else! I was really hoping to have lost a good amount by this weekend so I could go to Britmums Live feeling good about myself. I guess the disappointment is helping me with my determination though. Today has been my 2nd fast day this week and I have been very disciplined. As part of the 5:2 diet they do recommend you weigh the day after your 2nd fast though so may jump on the scales tomorrow and see if I can make myself feel better about the weekend!

Fingers crossed for a better week next week!

Weight Lost: +1lb 

Total loss: - 14lbs

2 Stone 9lbs to go!

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