Week Eight Weigh In: Week 2 of #SlimfastChallenge

Wednesday, June 03, 2015

This week has seen me starting the second week of the #Slimfastchallenge. The first week was great and saw me lose 4lbs! This week I have found it slightly more difficult, I have felt much hungrier than usual and have been tempted many times to have a cheeky extra snack but have managed to resist. In fact, I went to a family charity event on Saturday which included free burgers and instead I took along my Slimfast meal bar and felt very proud of my dedication. I am getting closer and closer to the end of the challenge and I am really looking forward to seeing my total loss come Friday.

I do like to stick to my Wednesday weigh in though so have weighed myself first thing this morning and have managed to lose 2lb this week. I am really happy with this weeks loss and I have loved taking part in the Slimfast Challenge. I don't think I could do it permanently as I really struggle with restricted diets and have a tendency to crash and binge if I do them for too long. I am definitely thinking of doing the challenge for 2 weeks at a time every now and then to drop a few lbs. What I love about the Slimfast diet is how good it tastes, I don't feel like I have to force myself to eat any of it and the 600 calorie evening meal can be really big if you are careful.

I haven't done any exercise this week except walking. I definitely need to start the 30 Day Shred again to start toning up! Friday I will weigh again to mark the end of the Slimfast Challenge and see what my overall loss will have been but 6lbs in less than two weeks is more than I could have hoped for. Also next week I will check my measurements again and see if I have lost any more inches.

Weight Lost- 2 lb
Total Loss- 15 lb

2 Stone 8 lbs to go... 

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  1. Brilliant weight loss well done! Have a great week xx #WMBlogChat

  2. Well done for your weight loss so far! I think its important not to deprive yourself of your 'treats' totally as like you say, you could end up bingeing! Good luck! :)x #WMBlogchat

    1. That is exactly it! I have to be able to enjoy whatever eating plan I am on to not feel deprived. Otherwise I put on every lb I lose quicker than I lost it.

  3. You're willpower rocks so much awesomeness. You are doing brilliantly, well done my lovely. Now pull me in and make me do it with you!!! #WMBlogChat