Roskilly's Farm

Monday, June 01, 2015

Roskilly's dairy farm is a fantastic free day out in Cornwall. It is also home to some of the tastiest ice cream I have ever tasted! We went last year after a recommendation from a friend and didn't hesitate in returning whilst on our family holiday in Cornwall this year. 

As we drove down the small country roads we eventually pulled into a tiny car park right next to a field of cows and you could see more different animals in the distance. The first thing we did was take a walk over to see all the other animals. There are fields of goats, sheep and lambs, a large greenhouse in a smaller field for chickens to run free and a big pig pen. We even got to see a real life version of chicken run as a few chickens had dug a tunnel and escaped into the pig pen which the kids found hilarious! It was lovely seeing animals given so much space and freedom.

Roskilly's farm is full of beauty, there are trails for you to follow and tranquil ponds to admire. We went for a long walk around the grounds. We found what looked like thousands of tadpoles in the ponds and got to show the kids and teach them all about the life cycle of frogs. As well as the ponds there are lots of beautifully carved benches to sit on all around. If you venture further you can see the colourful bee hives (We didn't this time but will definitely check it out next time) 

As well as the views there is also a tea room and ice cream parlour on site with a lovely outside area to sit in the Summer. Each time we have been they have had different flavour ice creams available. My personal favourites are mint choc chip and blackberry cheesecake! They even do sorbets so Zach got to have a sweet treat too. There are also plenty of picnic benches dotted around if you plan on taking your own lunches.

The kids also found a new found love of tractors whilst there. This old tractor was obviously a big hit with all the kids as we saw many getting upset about sharing! Gracie and Zach loved it so much that we bought them their own toy tractors in the gift shop.

Roskilly's really is a lovely low cost day out and I thought I would share after having a few people ask about it after seeing my Instagram photos on the day. Fantastic if you live close by or take holidays in Cornwall, it is definitely worth a visit! You can find more details on the website

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