My Britmums Live Experience

Sunday, June 28, 2015

I have been home from Britmums a whole week now and wanted to talk about my experience of Britmums. This year was a lot different than others, I went to Britmums Live confident with my blog and not looking specifically to learn any new blogging skills, but to spend time with other blogger's and to spend time alone without the kids and decide on whether or not I am happy with the direction I am going with my blog. Basically I went to enjoy myself with no huge expectations with finding some kind of inspiration being my only hope for the weekend.

My main focuses this year have been improving my photography, which I think I have definitely managed to do both on my blog and over on Instagram, and to enjoy blogging! It is so easy to be swept up in everything and to be upset when you feel left out of things. This year I have been trying to attend more events and meet new people and it is quite hard. I am really shy in real life and find it so hard to approach people, luckily I have lots of close blogging friends otherwise I would be the one sat in a corner alone.

Anyway, Britmums Live, I travelled down alone in first class which was a lovely, relaxing start to a manic weekend. I managed to get there on time,meeting a few friends along the way. We started with refreshments before sitting down for the welcome and the first keynote speech of the weekend. This was followed by a surprise 'ice-breaker' session which we found to be a Guinness World Records attempt. This happened to be the most people wrapped as mummies in three minutes! Our tables were mixed up so we were wrapping strangers up in toilet roll, certainly an ice breaker, we ended up with a room full of mummies though the criteria said they must be completely covered so many were disqualified. BUT somehow we broke the world record by 1 and are now honorary world record holders!!

After the record breaking, we were free to roam and attend sessions. I decide to go to the 'Costa Brava and Family Travel Bloggers session' which was great. The room was packed but we got to hear all about Costa Brava from some bloggers who have visited themselves with their families and find out all about what Costa Brava has to offer. I have always had an interest in travel and before having Gracie I gained my qualifications in Travel & Tourism and planned to start a career in the travel industry. It is definitely something I am still passionate in pursuing and would love to take my children to see the world. I loved learning about Costa Brava as it is not somewhere I have looked at in depth before and I was surprised to see it is full of natural beauty and heritage sites which is exactly what I look for in a holiday. I would absolutely love to join one of their Instagram walks!

Next I decided to sit outside in the beautifully decorated outside area and have a glass of wine with friends. It was lovely and sunny and we were in the right place for the start of the Bibs Party. Now we have sat at the same Britmums table for the Bibs for the past 3 years and it has become a tradition to sit there and drink as much as possible and enjoy watching well deserved winners collect their awards. The awards are very exciting and it is great seeing friends make tearful acceptance speeches. After the Bibs we all leave and usually grab dinner in large groups. This year I met up with my Sponsor Koodi for a lovely meal and a chat all about Koodi and blogging. It is always nice to talk face to face with someone from a brand you are working with and Laura from Koodi is just lovely and was great company!

Saturday morning I had breakfast with a bunch of other bloggers who were all staying in the same hotel as me which was great! We all got to talk about the previous day and walk over to The Brewery together after a yummy breakfast. Saturday was much more chilled for me. After the mornings keynote I spent the day learning new crafty skills. I was taught how to crochet in the lounge with Lady Sew and Sew and Make it Coats. I have always wanted to learn how to crochet so after spending a whole hour and a half and finally 'getting it' gave me a huge sense of achievement. I even managed to complete my traditional granny square once home. I then took my time to go and talk to the brands that had come out to talk to us all and had been in the brand den over the weekend. I always like to talk to them while it is a bit quieter as it is so crowded in the break times. I was pleased to see Parragon were there again, who I have been working with regularly since my first Britmums back in 2013, there were also lots of different brands there who were great to speak with. I got to do the traditional dressing up for competition photos with a few of the brands which is always great fun. I loved the Super Savvy Me stand where I made some hand made bunting to bring home for Gracie and actually won a prize for it! A afternoon tea for two virgin experience voucher was my prize and I cannot wait to use it!

Then came the most important part of Britmums Live to me, the Blogger's keynote. Every year a number of bloggers have their posts chosen to read out loud in front of us all. Some are funny, some are heartbreaking We laugh and we cry together and it really makes you appreciate the blogging community in all it's glory. I was gutted that it ran over so long this year as I had to leave before all the bloggers had finished to catch my train home. 

So that was my Britmums experience. I learnt new crafty skills, made new friends, spent some time with some of my best friends, ate nice food and slept in a bed undisturbed by children. I couldn't have asked for a better weekend. I am definitely looking forward to returning for my 4th year next year!

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  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful time, can't believe you learned a craft! Good tip to travel in style x

  2. A great write up Carly! I found it so much more relaxing and enjoyable this year too. So I did get to see more of you!