Elsie at 10 months

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Elsie is now 10 months. I am just about coming to terms with the fact she is no longer a baby. She is now an army crawling, noisy, cheeky wannabe toddler. She is trying to copy everything her brother and sister do. She crawls around putting everything in sight in her mouth, climbing all over Gracie and Zach and shouting at everyone she see's. 

This past month was a long month. She suffered Chicken Pox (hopefully for the first and last time) along with Zach and it was nasty. Her poor body was covered head to toe in itchy spots making her a not very happy little girl. With just baths and cuddles to soother her she slowly got over it. It definitely seemed worse at the time than I think it was. 

She has also experiences her first heatwave, not fun especially when it started 3 days after she moved into her cot in her's and Gracie's shared bedroom. It did mean she ended up back with us for a few days. The first night in her cot wasn't fun, for one reason or another she woke up every hour moaning and crying because she couldn't see us. This meant I spent most of the night lying by the side of her cot. It paid off as the next night she woke just once and has either woken once or not at all each night since (Hooray!) I will write a whole post soon on how we did it in depth in case it helps anyone, but it is a victory after thinking it would never happen. 

She has developed a huge closeness with Zach this month. Especially when he thinks no one is looking he will cuddle and play with her in such a loving way. He actually gets embarrassed when caught in the act but I have managed to capture and photograph at least three different moments in the last month. It is so lovely seeing her develop relationships and closeness with people now and so special to see her cuddling with her big brother.

Next month will be the last update before she turns 1 in August! Now that is crazy but I cannot wait to show you all what we have planned!

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