Week 7 Weigh In

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

So I started my Slimfast Challenge last Friday and am proud to say I have stuck to it and haven't found it as difficult as I thought. With having two of my three meals and a range of snacks ready in the house ready I only have to plan one healthy meal a day and I am not snacking on unhealthy food in the evenings once the kids go to bed. I am actually finding it pretty easy and manage to save one or two snacks until the evening which is when I usually struggle with dieting. I will say I need to get back into drinking more water as I have noticed I am drinking just 500ml a day which is not nearly enough. 

Anyway, like I said in last weeks post I managed to put on almost 5lbs on my weeks holiday! Well this week I have lost 4lb! I am so happy that I have had a big loss this week after putting on so much. I am now around half a pound off what I was at the end of week 5 (When I was feeling much better about myself!) I still have a long way to go but I can see my stomach is definitely flattening. My picture has showed me I need to do some arm exercises though!!

I will re-weigh on Friday to see how much I have lost in 7 days of the slimfast challenge but will just share that over on social media so keep an eye out. Hopefully next week I will smash past that half a pound and be on my way to my next stone off!

Weight Lost- 4 lb
Total Loss- 13 lb

2 Stone 10 lbs to go...

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