Review: Polar Frost Pain Relieving Gel

Thursday, May 28, 2015

As you may have heard many times now, I am making an effort to get fit and healthy. On of the problems that comes with exercising regularly for the first time in years is that my body is no longer used to it and I am suddenly getting all sorts of pains in muscles I didn't even know I had! I was sent some samples of Polar Frost pain relieving gel to test out on my post-workout pains.

Polar Frost speeds up recovery by restricting blood vessels and blocking pain receptors and is proven to help relieve pain and increase mobility. Menthol cools the pain while Aloe Vera is an anti-inflammatory that gets to work straight away. Polar Frost is the only gel to combine these ingredients. Aloe Vera also helps to keep your skin smooth and moist throughout treatment.

Available in three different sizes, 150ml tube (RRP £8.99), 75ml roll on (RRP £8.99) and a pack of 5 x 5g sachets (RRP £1.99), The sachets or roll on would be great for the gym bag and the gel is great to keep at home in the bathroom. Even when I am not exercising I suffer with muscle pains in my shoulder a lot. This is when I love the roll on gel as it is quite an awkward area to reach to rub in the gel by hand. When I am working out my problem area is my thighs! To the point that the following day I struggle to walk up and down stairs without feeling the burn. I don't want to stop working out as I have lost around 4 inches so far on my thighs so the workouts are obviously working! What I do now is apply Polar Frost to the affected areas at night after working out and it really does ease the ache the next day which is exactly what I need when I have 3 kids to run around after every day.

The gel itself is very runny and only a small amount is needed to cover the required area so the tube will last a very long time. The price is great for the product quality and I would definitely buy it over similar products on the market. In fact I have thrown away the deep heat from my medicine box to replace it with Polar Frost and that was my go to product for years!

You can buy Polar Frost from Holland & Barratt or Amazon. Both often have good deals on too so keep an eye out for their deals.

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