Elsie At 9 Months!

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Yesterday Elsie turned 9 months old! I was hoping to write this yesterday but after a long day out at Warwick Castle we were all super tired and I din't know where to start! Anyway, wow 9 whole months, 3/4 of a year, yet I still find myself clinging onto her being my baby.

This month Elsie has got stronger and stronger. She can sit unaided for a long time happily playing now and has learnt to get herself around the room by shuffling rather than crawling. She is however attempting to lift herself off the ground and finding herself doing what I like to call baby push ups!

Not only has she had exciting developments, but Elsie has been on her first ever holiday this month. Whilst on holiday she went swimming and went on the beach for the first time too! It was an action packed week and we all had lots of fun. Elsie loved having us all around at once and having constant attention. She also loved sitting on the dance floor watching the children dancing in the evenings which was really cute. Oh and she had a few days of super frizzy hair too, I am sure she will thank me for the photos in years to come.

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