Week Three Weigh-In

Saturday, April 18, 2015

I am posting a little late today after a nightmare few days with my house falling apart again! My house may be having a bad week but it hasn't stopped me staying on track with my dieting and exercise. In fact my eating has been better than ever. It has showed on the scales too with a loss of 3lbs this week! That means I have hit my first 1/2 stone loss. 

After an appointment for Elsie at the hospital the other day where I was told to start trying her with meat and fish I decided to try and make some healthy meaty dishes for the whole family. Having fresh meat or fish each day with a bit of a twist to stop it getting boring and swapping chips and roasts, which Andy and the kids were eating, for a few new potatoes along with three or four different vegetables on the side has meant that we are all eating healthy. This has helped me find it much easier to eat a good sized meal every day and have even found I don't feel hungry for the rest of the evening and so haven't been eating at all after around 7pm. I have also been eating my almonds daily still for the #snackhappychallenge I have definitely felt more energised whether it is the almonds or the eating healthy in general I am not sure but it is obviously a winning combination!

I had just started using my Fitbit Charge in the last update after buying it as a birthday gift to myself. Unfortunately it wasn't picking up a lot of my movements and so I took it back to Curry's who gave me a replacement so I am seeing how it goes with another new one. I do really like it but I am disappointed that it doesn't seem to class a half hour intense workout as being active minutes so isn't very accurate for anyone who actually want to track their exercise. Also if like me you have a baby and need to push a pushchair it won't count your steps as you are not swinging your arms the way you would when walking alone.

Exercise wise I have only been for a run once this past week but have been doing my Jillian Michaels beginner shred workout DVD daily and as my thighs have been feeling tight all week it seems to definitely be working out my muscles particularly my legs and stomach. I have also been on a few long walks in the day time again and running around the house as usual when I am home. I am much more aware of how much exercise I am getting so I am trying to do everything exaggerated to get the most out of it as possible like running up the stairs instead of walking and finding other jobs to do instead of sitting down. 

As well as exercise I have been trying a pre workout energy and protein shake with my daily workout or run. Active Woman Activate:

To kickstart your workout, look to Activate to put a some bounce in your step. Packed with premium protein, Activate has the long-lasting nutrition and delicious taste to supercharge your energy levels so you need never fear the next trip to the gym. Protein has the incredible benefit of filling you up without bogging you down with fat or carbs so you can work on developing a toned physique without sweating what you're eating. With the added benefit of Green Tea to boost your metabolism and a complete vitamin complex to ensure sculpted muscle development, Activate is the perfect pre-workout drink for girls on the go..
I prefer to drink it with water rather than milk as it isn't the tastiest, no matter how much I mix and shake it still has a powdery texture, but my god does it work! I have so much more energy and on the one or two days I haven't had time to mix some up before my workout I have struggled so much more to get through it.

I am really pleased with this week and I am hoping that I can do just as well or even better next week. I am also going to take my measurements next week for the first time since the start of my diet to see how much difference there will have been in my first 4 weeks!

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  1. Well done on reaching the half stone mark you've done fantastically!