Week One: The First Weigh-In

Wednesday, April 01, 2015

So you may have seen my blog post on Monday declaring my new healthy eating and exercise plan. Well as I started last Wednesday I have decided Wednesday will be weigh-in day. This week has been all about the healthy eating. I have ditched the junk and been eating three healthy meals a day with one or two healthy snacks throughout the day. Mainly fruit/veg/salad with small amounts of meat and have hugely cut the amount of carbs I eat. I have also restricted my drinking to just water after months of drinking lots of fizzy pop. 

Overall I feel so much better. I haven't noticed a difference physically but I feel healthier and more energetic which is a huge plus. I have found the healthier I feel the more motivated I am to stick to my healthy diet. 

This next week I am going to ease myself into a new exercise regime. I have invested in some proper running shoes to go jogging and will be attempting some stomach toning exercises at home.

Look out next Wednesday to see how I get on!

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