Week Five Weigh In - All about the 5:2.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

So after starting the 5:2 plan on Saturday, I finally feel like I am getting somewhere. I am excited for my fast days for the challenge of sticking to 500 calories and enjoying the food I do get to eat on those fast days. I also look forward to my non fast days and being able to have an odd small treat here and there without feeling major guilt. I am actually for once really enjoying my food and forward planning almost everything I eat. I am even finding that I am more aware of the difference between actual hunger and just feeling like eating.

I last took my measurements on the 10th February and I am so pleased to say that when I measured up this week I have lost an incredible 10 inches altogether on various parts of my body. I cant see a difference physically so seeing my new measurements was a huge confidence boost and made me realise I am making a difference! I have lost 2 inches from each of my thighs, 2 inches around my waist, 3 inches around my mid stomach (which is a major one for me as it is where the pouch from my C-sections is so to know that is shrinking is such an achievement). I have lost just half an inch from each arm which is great as I don't see my arms as a big problem area but happy to see them getting smaller too!

I do need to get back into my exercise routine though. I am itching to do a good workout but had wanted to see how I got on with my diet and how it affected my energy levels and weight loss first. I think I should definitely take it easy on fast days but I will use my normal days to exercise and drink my protein shakes. Hopefully the exercise will help with toning while I am losing weight.

I am hoping I will soon see a physical difference, I have bought two new outfits this week for our upcoming holiday but although I love the clothes I can't help but notice all my flaws when trying them on!

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