Elsie At 8 Months

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Elsie turned 8 months old yesterday. I don't quite know how as I am quite sure I have just written the last update or did I? Time is passing so quickly! I am seeing pregnancy and birth announcements everywhere and wondering how it is possible that my last baby is racing her way through the baby stage. 

This month has been a pretty huge one for Elsie. We finally had her follow up from the paediatrician for hear heart murmur and weight gain problems. We can now finally say that she is completely healthy. The hole in her heart has completely healed and she is growing nicely! Whilst there they gave me some new advice on weaning her. When we last saw the dietician in January is was recommended we kept her away from other high allergen foods but new studies apparently show that this increases the risk of developing allergies and intolerances to food and so I have been told to try her with fish, eggs and soya over the coming months.

In my last update I told how Elsie had still not shown any interest in food an I was struggling to get her to eat anything. All of a sudden the last few weeks she has found her love for food. She loves her veggies and toast, she definitely loves the baby led weaning approach but she also is happy to eat puréed food too which is great as I now have so many more options to get the right nutrients into her diet. So far with high allergen foods I have introduced fish, first I bought fresh cod and made my own breadcrumb and lemon zest coating for extra flavouring and she loved it! I knew that she was eating completely fresh guilt free food and she devoured the lot and with no side effects whatsoever! I have also tried her with prawns as I know seafood is a tricky one for many people with allergies. She loved the flavour from the prawns and sucked all the juice out but her lack of teeth meant she kept trying to swallow it whole. She did have a few nasty nappies following the prawns so will have to try again and see if it was coincidence or not!

She is getting such a big personality now. She loves to make people laugh and to interact with us all and it is lovely to watch her try and play with Gracie and Zach now too rather than watching from afar. She has a huge soft spot for Zach and he is so lovely to her when it is just the two of them together. I love watching them when Gracie is at school and Andy is at work, usually playing with Imaginext Batman where Elsie is in charge of eating the bad guys! 

Last week was also Real Nappy Week 2015 and so I finally dug our cloth nappies back out feeling guilty for not having used them in so long and have definitely re-found my love for them! I could save so much money using them again and they just look so cute! While it is sunny again and I can keep my washing down, I am going to use them as much as possible!

This next month will see Elsie going on her first holiday and our attempts at getting her to sleep in her cot so wish us luck!

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