Elsie At Six Months!

Monday, March 02, 2015

On Friday, Elsie turned 6 months old! Now how did that even happen? The last six months have been amazing. I know I have been blogging much less but I have been trying to enjoy the precious first months and it has been so nice to take a step back, enjoy spending the time with the kids and just blog when I want or have the time too.

Elsie learnt to roll over just a few weeks ago and since then she has suddenly become really active. She is already trying to sit up in her chair and now loves to spend time rolling around the floor and reaching out for toys. She can now pick things up that are close to her and pulls on toys that dangle on her play gym. She absolutely loves anything that plays music or makes noise. Her smiles have now developed into giggles and cooing noises. She also loves playing with her Brother and Sister now and you can see she really wants to join them running around.

One thing which isn't going as expected is weaning. She hasn't got much interest in food just yet and would much rather drink lots of milk. She has been refusing most foods we have offered her so we have postponed it a little. She certainly isn't struggling to pile on the weight and I think we will know when she is ready. She is just so different to Gracie and Zach at six months. Not that I am complaining, she certainly has her own little personality.

I really do think that time seems to fly past much quicker each time. Before I know it I will be planning her 1st Birthday celebrations (I may have already bought her a few presents!). I am so so proud of her and as much as I hate how quick she is growing, I am so excited to watch her grow up with her Brother and Sister. 

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