Elsie At 7 Months!

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Another month has flown by and Elsie is now 7 months old. There has been so much change this month. She has finally started sleeping through the night! Funnily enough Me and Andy decided to swap sides of the bed so he would be next to her and give me a rest for a few days and of course being a Daddy's girl she snoozes away fine for at least eight hours next to him. Obviously I have now told him that we will be permanently swapping until she moves into her own room. 

By seven months both Gracie and Zach were sleeping in their own cot in their own room. Elsie is not a fan of her cotbed at all. I bought a new one especially for her as the old one has been used constantly for the last 4 years and since Zach has had it, it has seen better days. So she has this pretty cot complete with cute bedding and a lovely cot mobile, right next to her big sisters bed but she simply doesn't like it. She would rather be snuggled in her bedside cot next to her Daddy. So far I have tried just putting her down for naps in it, popping her favourite blanket and Sophie La Giraffe in with her for comfort, sitting next to the cot while she lies in it. Nothing. I am hoping over the next month or so that she will change her mind.

Food. I told you in my last update about her total lack of interest in food. Yeah she has completely turned around on that one, she will now pretty much scoff anything, edible or not. Now is time to introduce proper meals. Whilst she has been gaining interest I have been giving her dairy free finger foods and fruit purées. I limit how much she has per day while she is getting used to foods so that I can see if any certain foods don't suit her. 

She is now sitting up! Last month she had just learnt how to roll and in just a few weeks she has gained so much strength. She can't lift herself up but when placed down sitting she can sit for a few minutes before she finds herself almost faceplanting the floor!

The realisation that she is growing so fast has certainly hit I have spent the past week selling and giving away her 0-3 months clothes and her 3-6 months wardrobe is becoming snug meaning the bigger sizes have come out of storage to be washed!

If somebody could possibly slow down time a little that would be great!

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  1. Aww I can't believe she is 7 months already! Good to hear about her new interest in food and I hope starts to like her new bed soon...

    I wish I could slow time down too!