Is It Time To Invest In A New Television?

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

As we don't really go out much and have a lack in babysitting offers, one thing that me and Andy really enjoy is to spend time together watching movies or starting new TV Series on Amazon Prime Instant Video. Our current TV is a 32 inch average TV and was actually bought by Andy before we even met over 6 years ago so it is getting on a bit! We also have a slightly smaller 26 inch Panasonic TV in our bedroom which was my first big investment when I first upped my hours at work probably 5 years ago.

They have definitely evolved a lot since the last time I went television shopping! There are all sorts of new developments such as Panasonic 4K TVs. We are also still heavily renovating our house and making it all look nice, with the living room being the next on our list. So is it time we replace our years old telly? Do we save for a modern state of the art television? or do we simply wait until this one gives in?

I am trying to justify it by saying it is one of our most used gadgets and we have looked after our current one very well. I do however worry with three children under five, whether it would be tempting fate to buy an expensive TV just yet. Maybe it is worth saving up for a few years and waiting until it is less likely to be damaged. I am definitely the person who would buy a new TV for Elsie to knock it down once she starts to attempt climbing or for Gracie and Zach to fall into it whilst fighting! Which reminds me actually I do need to invest in something to safely secure my TV to prevent it falling now that Elsie is getting bigger and the TV is more accessible than at our previous houses.

This post was in collaboration with Panasonic. All words were my own.

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