Week 2 Day 4-11 #Project365

Sunday, January 11, 2015

A few more photo's for this weeks #Project365. Here are days 4-

4th January 2015

Gracie loves Barbie at the moment and was bought a retro Barbie duvet cover and fleece blanket for her birthday. She was so excited to go to sleep in her pretty new Barbie bed.

5th January 2015

Monday I made the decision that I wanted to make a start on finishing the projects I had planned all around the house starting with painting my bedroom. I love how fresh it is feeling now and it is ready for all the finishing touches now.

6th January 2015

Tuesday I was feeling unwell so I spent the evening catching up with some knitting for the patchwork blanket I planned almost two years ago now and never completed before having an early night.

7th January 2015

Wednesday was my first morning back on the school run after Daddy had taken Gracie earlier in the week. All three kids needed waking up but it was a lovely morning. It was nice to not need a raincover on the pushchair and I got to see this beautiful little face staring at me.

8th January 2015

Thursday we had Elsie's first appointment with her dietician who said she is now ready to start with dairy free weaning and was so excited to be shopping for real food.

9th January 2015

Turns out that Elsie is a big fan of food. She is loving her baby rice in this photo. 

10th January 2015

Saturday saw me escape from the house with Hannah from A New Addition to go shopping. We found lots of bargains and now have lots of gifts to stash away for birthdays and next Christmas already.

11th January 2015

Today has been a day of odd jobs. One being to put up the huge Spiderman wall sticker in Zach's bedroom for him. He was very impressed!

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  1. I've tried my had at knitting and I was awful lol x

  2. I had to do dairy free weaning with both of my boys. You quickly get used to it and my eldest reintroduced milk at 2. We have managed to get to youngest on to everything dairy except actual milk. Hope you get some good advice x

  3. Loads of great photos! Your little ones are adorable. My son would really like that Spiderman sticker too. I have jobs I'd like to get finished around the house too, it's great to see that you have been motivated to do them. Hopefully I will get round to getting things done soon too :-) #365

  4. That spider man is amazing, I love it and the Barbie duvet. I'll never grow up, I will always love Barbie I think! Elsie looks so lovely eating her food, can't wait for my niece to be a bit older and see her explore different ones. :)

  5. I have already started for Christmas too, never to early when you have little ones to buy for! Love the wall sticker.

  6. What a great roundup of the week! Elsie trying the baby rice is just fab x

  7. Love the Spiderman sticker he looks like he is jumping out. It's great that Elsie is liking her food.