Our Christmas 2014

Sunday, January 04, 2015

Over Christmas I decided last minute to take some time off. Rather than spending whatever free time I had on the computer blogging I decided to spend every second I could with my family while we were all at home together. We had the most magical Christmas. With all three kids being poorly the week before I had almost lost hope of it going to plan. All the hard work paid off. Me and Andy spent Christmas Eve building toys and piling up the presents. I actually think this is one of my favourite parts. Playing Santa and the excitement for me is the build up imagining how excited the kids will be the next morning. 

Shockingly the first up was Gracie at 9am! Much better than the 6am last year and she was jumping up and down on our bed saying 'Is it Christmas?' 'Has Santa been?' 'Can we go downstairs yet?'. In the end I woke Zach up at 9.30am to avoid Gracie actually bursting with excitement. Of course the faces were amazing. I wish you could just bottle up that feeling when they see that Santa has been and that they have made the good list. Gracie was so excited that he didn't forget Elsie and Mummy and Daddy too! Gracie was my favourite to watch this year. With every parcel opened she exclaimed 'That's my favourite' 'I've always wanted that' and she was so happy with each and every present she opened whether it big or small. Zach was mainly happy with any food related parcel and was amazed at anything Batman. 

I cooked Christmas dinner for the first time ever. There were four adults and two kids. I have only ever actually cooked for the four of us before so was dreading not cooking enough or burning what I did cook. In fact I did good! Didn't burn anything, didn't get stressed and kept the kitchen tidy in the process! 

The following day we had Christmas part two. It has always been tradition that I spend Boxing Day with my Dad and family, a tradition that I have always loved and so even now I like to carry it on and host myself. 

I really enjoyed Christmas this year. It's a shame it is over so quickly. It's been nice having Gracie at home all day and to even have Andy home for a few days. I'm also so thankful to Andy for my amazing Christmas present. My beautiful new camera that I can now capture all these memories with. 

Hope you all had a lovely Christmas and New Year and wish you all the best in 2015!

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