Attempting To Shed The Baby Weight

Friday, January 16, 2015

Before Christmas I decided it was time for me to start trying to shed some of this extra weight I put on when having Elsie. Now that I've finished having babies I am ready to get myself into shape and start to feel good about myself. I've decided to go with the Slim Fast diet as I like milkshakes and it gives me a bit of freedom with what I can eat. In the two weeks before Christmas I managed to loose roughly 7lb before putting a pause on my diet for between Christmas and New Year to ensure I didn't start to resent dieting watching everyone else eat what they want.

Since the New Year I have been back at it. I actually lost 1lb over Christmas without dieting but I am definitely loosing it a lot slower since the year began. I've invested in some new much better electric scales to weigh myself with and I am using the myfitnesspal app to record my weight and create a food diary so I can keep track of how much I am eating.

Although I'm not loosing as much weight as I hoped so far it is slowly dropping off and I feel so much more energised. I feel so healthy and I'm thinking of starting some kind of exercise. After three c-sections my stomach muscles have taken quite a hit and so I'm hoping to build them back up as I go. I'll try and update on here how I am getting on and share any tips I might find. 

I'd love to hear any tips you might have in the comments below?!

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  1. We should swim together

    1. I can't do swimming! There is no way I am getting in a swimsuit any time soon!

  2. Slowly losing it although annoying is much better for you lovely you're more likely to keep it off that way!

    1. Definitely! You are right, as frustrating as it is.