The New All Terrain Stokke Trailz

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

You may remember me mentioning the Stokke Trailz in my post about The Baby Show. The Trailz is the latest addition to the Stokke family and the first All Terrain pushchair in their collection. The Stokke Trailz is suitable from birth with the compatable carrycot or with a newborn wedge inserted in the seat unit. 

The seat unit is the same as the popular Xplory V3, V4 and Crusi pushchairs (definitely one of my favourite features). It is only the chassis that is different and as you can buy the chassis for Stokke pushchairs separately, you can actually own an Xplory and Trailz chassis for example and just switch the seat unit between the two depending on which pushchair you would like to use. Not that this is necessary as the Trailz is suitable for any surface or weather! 

Like all other Stokke pushchairs the Trailz is available with a free three year guarantee incase of any possible faults. Any manufacturer that offers an extended guarantee obviously believes in the reliability of their products. 

I finally got to see the Trailz at The Baby Show Olympia and was very impressed with its size. You can see from this video what other people thought of it. 

I received no payment for publishing this post.

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